The adventure center hotel
Lands in love
Tierras Enamoradas
Environment and animal friendly zone
Info: 1-408-351-2636 Reservation: 506-2447-9331
Route 702, 32 km from San Ramón to La Fortuna

San Lorenzo - Costa Rica


Inviting you to:

Cloud forest, beautiful as a legend
in hidden valley.
Pretty rooms with telephone,
fast internet, TV, mini-bar and
coffee maker.
Lovely lobby.
International and israeli food plus
special meals for weight watchers,
diabetics, celiac etc.
Swimming pool and Jacuzzi.
Conference room.
Camping area.
Pet hotel.
Tour desk – provides tours, hotels and transportation to all Costa Rican
The staff’, friends of many years,
Vegetarians, animals and nature
lovers, sharing a way of life that
matures itself in this place.